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Body treatments

Back Treatment: Min. £35.00

A facial for your back! Begin with an exfoliation treatment followed by a warming mask applied to your back, which is designed to cleanse impurities. Finish with a hot towel compress and a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage.

Treatment time 45 minutes.


Get Fresh Body Experience: £39.00

This rich indulgent treatment leaves you with a feeling of well-being. Begin with an invigorating full body exfoliation with the wonderful aromas of lemongrass and grapefruit scrubs. Relax while a body mask is applied to your back, as you drift away in a wonderful aroma. To finish, enjoy a relaxing application of dry body oil and hydrating body butter. Absolute bliss.

Treatment time 45 minutes.

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With traditional exotic spa rituals, find the perfect body concept for both women and men with our full range of body treatments at fantastic prices.

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La-Stone Therapy: £75.00

Feel the stress and tension leave your body as heated smooth stones are gently massaged over your body. Together with essential oils, the heat of the stones penetrate the deeper layers of your muscles allowing total relaxation.

Treatment time 75 minutes.



Aromatherapy: £55.00

Breathe in the wonderful aroma of essential oils, and drift away in total relaxation while your face, scalp and body are massaged- bliss!

Treatment time 75 minutes.


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage: £23.50

A relaxation massage which helps relieve tension and stress.

Treatment time 30 minutes


Full Body Massage: £38.50

Float away on this wonderful relaxing full body massage to relieve stress, ease tension and promote a sense of well-being.

Treatment time 1 hour

Aromatherapy & Massage

Other Body Treatments Available



Indian Head Massage




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