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IPL treatment FAQ's

IS NRG Ice permanent for hair removal?


 The advertising standard agency prevent anyone from saying permanent hair

 removal, however we can say we can offer permanent hair reduction. After

 the first treatment the client will experience a significant reduction in

 hair growth.





 How many treatments are need?


 6 to 10 treatments are recommended initially and then one to 2 treatments

 per year as maintenance if needed.





 How does the treatment work?


 The IPL light is attracted to the melanin in the hair, due to new

 technology in the NRG Ice light hairs can now be treated due to the

 cooling system within the machine. A water base gel is applied to the

 skin. The IPL is applied to the skin and light energy passes through the

 applicator and is absorbed by the hair producing a heat reaction and

 destroying the hair follicle.





  What is the gel used for?


 The gel is applied to the skin to protect the skin and to keep it cool

 and optimise the scattering of light.





 What should I do in between treatments?


 Avoid sunbeds and sunlight. Use an SPF of at least 30, avoid heat

 treatments and perfume for at least 24 hours. Do no wax or use

 electrolysis as this can affect your next treatment. Shaving the hairs

 between treatments is fine.

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